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China: The Changing Face of Travel

When it transpired that a schoolboy engaged in a spot of graffiti declaring ‘Ding Minhao was here,’ it sparked a public uproar that quickly made it into the media and … Continue reading

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Guide to InterRailing in Europe

What is InterRail? InterRail is a pre-paid pass that entitles you to flexible train travel throughout Europe on its national rail networks. The system was set up in the 1970s … Continue reading

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Have You Travelled on Any of The World’s 10 Fastest Trains?

Whether you’re in a hurry or just get a buzz from watching the world pass by in a blur, the modern generation of fast trains is a travel pleasure. Here … Continue reading

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How NOT to Get Sick on Holiday

Whether it’s your annual summer break or a weekend away, your holiday time is precious and the last thing you want is to do is get sick. Here are 7 … Continue reading

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Slow Travel in the Loire Valley

Contrary to popular belief, indie travel isn’t one long vacation. Figuring out routes, finding places to sleep, keeping an eye on your budget, and trying to do all the things … Continue reading

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Films That Will Trigger Your Travel Instinct

Have you ever watched a film and felt inspired to drop everything and hop on a plane? Here are 5 films that will trigger your travel instinct. Get your passport … Continue reading

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Travel Beauty Basics: Keep Packing Light, Beauty High

Packing light doesn’t mean you need to leave the promise of beauty at home. If you’re on a long term or adventure trip, a small, well-packed beauty bag means you … Continue reading

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