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Simple Self-Catering Meals

Self-catering breaks have the advantage of letting you stick to a budget while delivering the benefits of tasty home cooking. However, unless you plan on packing everything short of the … Continue reading

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London’s Top Free Attractions

“I’d love to go to London… but it’s so expensive.”  It’s a phrase I’ve heard a lot and it can work out to be true if you spend your time … Continue reading

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Travel Apps you Shouldn’t Travel Without

Smartphones have the power to enhance our travels in many ways. From trip planning and helping you catch your flight to locating restaurants in a new place and letting you … Continue reading

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Packing a Travel Office

Travel isn’t always for pleasure with many people travelling for business purposes. Fortunately, technology innovations mean that you no longer need to take the equivalent of your work cubicle with … Continue reading

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101 Ways to Learn a Language

Sitting in a classroom conjugating verbs is one way to learn a language, but perhaps not the most interesting. Here are 101 ideas of how to learn a new language … Continue reading

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6 Little-Known Facts that Could Affect your Air Miles

Air miles are a wonderful concept that can equal cheap or free flights, but to maximize your points it’s important to understand the system and play it to your advantage. … Continue reading

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“I’m Taking Off to See the World!” How to Tell your Parents

Your parents are experts in the art of worry. Let’s face it, they’ve been practicing your whole life, and the bombshell that you’re about to pack up your belongings in … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Trip Planning a Marathon Task: From Dreaming to Doing in 4 Weeks

Now what? You’ve decided to take a long-term trip, and the next task is to transform that germ of an idea into action, but the list of things you need … Continue reading

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Swapping your Blackberry for a Backpack: What to Expect

Rewind a generation, and the backpackers breaking the first ground of the banana pancake trail in the 1960s were largely students exploring beyond their childhood horizons before committing to a … Continue reading

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How to Open your Own Hostel: The Ultimate Guide

Budget travel accommodations can be a lucrative market. If you’ve ever stayed at a guesthouse or hostel and thought you could run it better, here are 50 tips on how … Continue reading

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How to Be a Cutting-Edge Cruiser in 2012

The beauty of the cruise industry is its continual reinvention and one-upmanship (pun intended) serving to the cruiser’s benefit. If you’re spending your hard-earned bucks on a cruise vacation this … Continue reading

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8 Cruise Ship Mistakes That Make you Look Dumb

You may have been on many vacations but a first cruise can feel like stepping into a new world where the rules have changed and people dress accordingly. Here are … Continue reading

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The 10 Laws of Airport Delays

Murphy’s law dictates that flights only leave on time when you’re running late, and when the departure board flashes “delayed,” this seems to set off an avalanche of bad travel … Continue reading

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The Shocking Truth about Hotel Hygiene

Norovirus isn’t listed under in-room extras, but it’s a risk we face when we check into hotels with poor cleaning standards. Most of us aren’t clean freaks and the majority … Continue reading

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101 Foodie Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Finding the Best Meals Abroad

When you’re outside your comfort zone, tracking down great food can be a challenge. If you’re a true food lover, landing a disastrous meal can be devastating, and a run … Continue reading

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Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes when Visiting Rome

Rome is one of the most remarkable cities in the world. From the ancient Colosseum to the Vatican, Rome deserves the millions of visitors that flock to her decadently marbled … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips for Finding Wi-Fi When you Travel

For many business travellers  a trip away equates to nothing more exciting than staring at the wall of your hotel room or the cubicle of a satellite office. However, as the … Continue reading

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