Jo Fitzsimons

Freelance Travel & Lifestyle Writer

Remembering Why We Travel

“This isn’t why I came traveling!” The words fell out of Jonathan’s mouth along with the lingering fumes of several whisky buckets*, one of which he was still consuming. We’d … Continue reading

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10 Travel Quotes That Inspire Me

Travel can be expensive, time consuming and exhausting, yet each year millions of people pack their belongings into a bag and set out in search of new sights. For millennia, … Continue reading

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5 Disappointing Historical Sites Around the World

You’ve traveled miles to stand before a historical site but now that it’s before you, all you can muster is a sinking feeling of disappointment. Sadly, some sites do not … Continue reading

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Books that Inspire Travel

Reading the evocative tales, fictional or otherwise, of a journey to a foreign land can be a powerful prompt for walking in the author’s or character’s footsteps. Here are 10 … Continue reading

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101 Ways to Learn a Language

Sitting in a classroom conjugating verbs is one way to learn a language, but perhaps not the most interesting. Here are 101 ideas of how to learn a new language … Continue reading

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Helping You Embrace Coming Home After Your RTW Trip

It’s over. The trip of your dreams has come to an end and you’re homeward bound. As sad as going home can be, the reality of long-term travel can be … Continue reading

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Are the New Seven Wonders of the World Truly That Wonderful? Part 2

With the vote cast in 2007 on the New Seven Wonders of the World, the question is whether the winners of this controversial contest deserve your backpacking buck. (See Part … Continue reading

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Are the New Seven Wonders of the World Truly That Wonderful? Part 1

Of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, only one remains – the Great Pyramid of Giza. But in 2007 after 100 million votes were cast by phone and internet, … Continue reading

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Interview on Travel Blogger Academy

Ever wondered how to make it as a freelance travel writer? Jo Fitzsimons is here today to discuss how she makes a living while traveling the world. In this interview … Continue reading

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6 Volunteer Programs Around the World for Foodies

Offering your time for the benefit of others can be one of the most rewarding experiences there is. If you’re a foodie, why not combine your passion and energies by … Continue reading

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5 Watery Paintings you Can Step into in Real-life

Rivers are the lifeblood of many cities and make the perfect spot for sightseeing, picnicking, taking a stroll or even a cruise. However, it’s not just tourists that have been … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful Travel Journals to Inspire your Writing

Blogging is a popular way to record a trip but what happens if you don’t want the world to read your deepest thoughts or when inspiration strikes on a 16-hour … Continue reading

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