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Eating Like A Local in Hawaii

Trying to find one word to describe Hawaiian food is close to impossible. Native, international, sophisticated and fun; Hawaiian cuisine offers up a plateful of contradictions where surprise can wait … Continue reading

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Health Food Trends in 2013

It’s not just the different seasons that determine which foods find their way onto supermarket shelves or restaurant menus. Food trends are followed as closely as fashion in some circles … Continue reading

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Holiday Breakfasts to Add Sunshine to Winter Mornings

It’s still dark outside, your toes are afraid to slip out from the warm confines of the duvet and the chance of finding warm weather outside lingers as low as … Continue reading

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Diet Foods That May Surprise You

New year, new you. Going on a diet is a promise millions of us will make this year and one of the first common tasks is to take all temptations … Continue reading

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7 Classic British Comfort Foods

If the Brits know anything about food, it’s how to serve up winter warmers. As a place that sees more than its fair share of wind, rain and gray skies, … Continue reading

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Join in London’s Gin Revival

From its origins as a restorative medicine to the stigma of ‘mother’s ruin’, a phrase coined during the gin craze, there is no doubt that this botanical drink has had … Continue reading

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America’s Favourite City: New Orleans and What to Do in the Big Easy

A place where Caribbean, African and European cultures blend, New Orleans is a melting pot of food, fun and music. This colourful city may have suffered at the hands of … Continue reading

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Ten Drinking Games to Entertain you on your Travels

There is probably no other period in your life when you’ll have more spare time than when you’re backpacking. And when the sights have been seen, your book has been … Continue reading

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5 Hawaiian Dishes (that Only the Locals Eat)

Think of the United States and food, and it doesn’t take long to conjure up images of cheeseburgers and fries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chili dogs. However, while Hawaii is … Continue reading

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Everything you Need to Know About Traditional Mexican Food and Drink

In 2010 Mexican Cuisine was declared of such vital important that UNESCO added it to its list of “intangible cultural heritage.” But I was way ahead of them. I’d put … Continue reading

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Simple Self-Catering Meals

Self-catering breaks have the advantage of letting you stick to a budget while delivering the benefits of tasty home cooking. However, unless you plan on packing everything short of the … Continue reading

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Cornish Cuisine: Dishes to Try

There are few places in the UK that have a culinary identity as strong as Cornwall. Nestled in the most southwestern corner of England, Cornwall’s location on the peninsula has … Continue reading

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Rekindle your Romance with Wine

With an extensive range of wines on offer at your local supermarket, the romance of sniffing, swirling and sipping a press of grapes feels almost lost. With gnarly vines stretching … Continue reading

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Best Rooftop Bars in New York

A business trip doesn’t have to be all work and no play. When the day’s meetings are over, multitask by taking in the sights of Manhattan’s iconic skyline while relaxing … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Madrid’s Tapas Scene

Many people think that tapas are nothing more than a collection of tiny bar nibbles, but in Spain they are integral part of the country’s social life. While Barcelona has … Continue reading

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The Spiciest Dish in the World (and How to Make it)

It is almost universally accepted that vindaloo is one of the world’s hottest curries. Add the world’s hottest chili, Naga Bhut Jolokia, and you have on your plate the spiciest … Continue reading

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10 Bars With Views Worth Blowing The Budget For

Seeing the classic sights will feature highly on most travel itineraries, but getting away from the masses and exploring beyond the usual vistas can add extra depth to your stay. … Continue reading

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10 Chocolate Desserts Sent from Heaven

If there were an international competition for the world’s most heavenly chocolate dessert, it would make for tough judging, but why decide when you can choose them all. Here are … Continue reading

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3 Asian Inspired Kosher Recipes

Ties between the Jewish people and the lands of Asia date back centuries, and even as far as the 7th century in China. Today, Jewish communities exist in India, Japan, … Continue reading

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