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Top 10 Sights of Salzburg

In 1997, the charming city of Salzburg won the recognition it truly deserves by being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city behind the Sound of Music, home of … Continue reading

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Europe’s Most Luxurious Ski Resorts

A fresh drift of powder sprinkling the mountains is a magical sight and if you’re seeing it with a crisp glass of Champagne in hand, it’s even better. Living the … Continue reading

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Munich Beyond the Oktoberfest

The words Munich and the Oktoberfest are synonymous, but there is more to this European city than steins of beer. If you find yourself amongst the five million people that … Continue reading

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New Low-Cost Airline Routes to Try in Autumn / Winter 2012

Year after year Europe gets more and more accessible as the UK’s low cost airlines open up new routes to new destination. If you’re looking for destination inspiration, here are … Continue reading

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Verona: Italy’s Most Romantic City

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and home of to some of the most dramatic opera you can see, Verona has all of the … Continue reading

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City De-stress: Top 5 London Day Spas

The idea of a spa weekend is a luxury many of us don’t have the time to enjoy. However, with a host of day spas nestled within London and primed … Continue reading

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Top 5 UK Best Theme Parks

Whether you take the kids or the kid inside you, a trip to a theme park always promises to be a thrilling day out. From state of the art rides … Continue reading

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Cornish Cuisine: Dishes to Try

There are few places in the UK that have a culinary identity as strong as Cornwall. Nestled in the most southwestern corner of England, Cornwall’s location on the peninsula has … Continue reading

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London’s Top Free Attractions

“I’d love to go to London… but it’s so expensive.”  It’s a phrase I’ve heard a lot and it can work out to be true if you spend your time … Continue reading

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Finding Romance in Rome

With opulence dripping off every street corner, from fancy fountains to marble-clad streets, Rome is undeniably one of the world’s greatest and most romantic cities. And that makes it one … Continue reading

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Exquisite Villas in the South of France

The beauty of being in Europe is that you don’t need to travel very far to find the perfect holiday location. South of France has for many years been a … Continue reading

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Unusual Places to Stay in England

Tired of booking the same type of self-catering accommodation for your staycation? Try one of these unusual places for your next break in the UK. 1. Haven Meadows Yurt Camp, … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Madrid’s Tapas Scene

Many people think that tapas are nothing more than a collection of tiny bar nibbles, but in Spain they are integral part of the country’s social life. While Barcelona has … Continue reading

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Don’t Want to Mess with the Olympic Crowds? Enjoy the Empty Streets of London

The countdown is well and truly on. London 2012 is so close we can almost touch it, and it looks set to consume the city. However, the Olympics aren’t for … Continue reading

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24 Hours in Barcelona: 5 Things NOT To Do

Based on most cruise itineraries, your port stop in Barcelona is unlikely to give you more than a day to explore the sights of this amazing city. To maximize the … Continue reading

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7 Downton Abbey Themed Tearooms

Afternoon tea has been a British institution since the 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russell, decided to take tea and a light snack to overcome “that sinking feeling” in the middle of … Continue reading

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8 Italian Cooking Courses for Garlic Lovers

Think of Italy and images of food don’t follow too far behind. Italy is a country rich in dishes that have a broad regional variance, but one aspect of their … Continue reading

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10 Irresistible Paris Pastries (and Where to Eat them)

Millions of tourists flock to Paris’ scenic streets each year, many in search of the perfect shot of the Eiffel Tower. For food lovers, they have the opportunity to taste … Continue reading

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