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The World’s Most Wow-Worthy Waterfalls

Perpetually falling water in the form of rain is what usually sends people in search of a holiday, so it might seem strange to go and see such a sight … Continue reading

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How to Sleep for Free

Travelling can be an expensive venture. Between day trips, eating out and getting around, it’s easy to rack up a big travel bill without thinking too hard about it. Add … Continue reading

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Europe’s Most Luxurious Ski Resorts

A fresh drift of powder sprinkling the mountains is a magical sight and if you’re seeing it with a crisp glass of Champagne in hand, it’s even better. Living the … Continue reading

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6 Lessons from Kung Fu School (and How I Learned I’m no Bruce Lee)

My childhood TV choices were dominated by my older brother, which meant that by the end of my teenage years I’d seen more kung fu movies than most. Jet Li, … Continue reading

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Explore the Arctic Wilderness with Huskies at the Helm

The Arctic Circle remains the northern hemisphere’s greatest wilderness and for many the prospect of being pulled by huskie dogs through the purest of snow on the slickest of sledges … Continue reading

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Top 5 UK Best Theme Parks

Whether you take the kids or the kid inside you, a trip to a theme park always promises to be a thrilling day out. From state of the art rides … Continue reading

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Top 5 Dive Sites Around the World

“I can only think of one experience which might exceed in interest a few hours spent under water, and that would be a journey to Mars.” – William Bebbe Marine … Continue reading

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Travel Apps you Shouldn’t Travel Without

Smartphones have the power to enhance our travels in many ways. From trip planning and helping you catch your flight to locating restaurants in a new place and letting you … Continue reading

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Around the World in 80 Days

Part of what we love about indie travel is doing the abnormal.  Getting outside the box of the typical one and two week vacation.  In today’s Indie Flight Hacking article, … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Dangerous Animals

Adventure seekers can find themselves confronted with a variety of travel risks, whether it is trekking at altitude or exploring local life in a shady part of town, but some … Continue reading

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Extreme Sports with a Difference

Sometimes a beach break isn’t enough and a holiday that includes some extreme sports promises richer memories. However, white water rafting and abseiling have become almost mainstream sports. If you’re … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Get Fit and Travel

Lounging on a beach can be fun, but it doesn’t do much to improve your waistline. If you’re looking to get fit and travel, here are 6 ideas to get you … Continue reading

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Dangerous Liaisons: Should You Add “Unsafe” Destinations to Your RTW Trip?

Fear is individually unique. One person’s definition of a safe destination can equal another’s worst nightmare. However, regardless of whether you sport a high fear factor or quiver at the … Continue reading

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World’s Weirdest Wine Bars

As wine bars have grown in popularity, their style has become somewhat homogeneous. If you don’t want to change drink for the sake of changing scenery, here are 10 unusual … Continue reading

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Experience Real Costa Rica

There is something comforting about ensconcing yourself in a resort for the entirety of your vacation but making a break beyond the walls and getting off the beaten tourist track … Continue reading

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Backpacking to Isla Ometepe

    Off the beaten track – these four small words sit on every backpacker’s lips and are the very reason most people are inspired to travel. Sadly, getting away from … Continue reading

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